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Pearls beyond nature.

Check out our hidden gems

White Sheet

neck & wrist

Strands, pendants, bracelets and bangles.

Necklaces of different lengths and bracelets made to measure to fit your wrist.



With gold and palladium hardware, rhinestones and lab-grown gems

Earrings of different styles and sizes, suitable for daily wear to red carpet events.



free size to fit all hands.

Rings suitable for different occasions.

The Iconics

The Iconics

Grey Limbo

Pearls, made sustainable

akira was created to bring a better version of pearls to all the pearl fanatics.

Cultured pearls are polluting our seas and lakes.

akira offers sustainable pearls, created by our patented method in our Tokyo gem lab, born with the best luster you have ever seen.

Perfectly round shape, zero blemishes, matching hues, at a fraction of the price of cultured pearls.

akira is proud to make the world glow a little more day by day.

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